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It's holidays, so a bit of entertainment today, I suggest you discover some sites that have the peculiarity of being useless websites, weird websites or almost ...
For some, they are fun websites, others useful to a lesser extent, but none of them is indispensable to Internet users. The question you're probably going to ask yourself is, "Damn, they only have to do these coders? The answer is ... Uh ... Well, in fact it is necessary to sort, if for the most part they do not bring anything, they nevertheless demonstrate the ability of certain codings that are online only to allow you some interaction, sometimes c 'Is successful sometimes, not at all ...
Internet is convenient, useful, and it serves a lot of things, but it serves mostly nothing. And to waste time with our pointless websites juste click "take me to another useless website". Except that losing time is an art that is not within the reach of the first job. We must waste our time, but we must lose it. We have selected all best pointless sites that should allow you to spend a few more minutes in front of your screen, for nothing. The top of productivity at half-mast and France that wants to work well, but tomorrow.
You have nothing to do or want to kill time during your daily commute to work ? We have the weirdest websites in our web site, or rather, solutions for you: here is the ultimate list of the best useless websites completely useless but that exist indeed!
Some of the unnecessary websites shown here use Flash, if you are currently browsing from a smartphone or a tablet, some of them will be inaccessible from your mobile devices, so you will have to access them from a laptop or a laptop. We indicate below each site if it is yes or not accessible from a smartphone or a tablet, let you guide and come to waste unnecessarily a few minutes of your time thanks to us!

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